Saturday, April 28, 2012

While I'm waiting...

I'm waiting for my carriage upgrade to come.  I'm hoping it will get here today, especially because the company is in Salt Lake City and not too far away.

In the mean time, I decided what to make for my mini quilt.  I'm not going to go the New York Beauty route this time.  Instead I'm going to do a mini bargello.  I have always wanted to make a bargello quilt.  They are so.... I can't find the right word.  Striking.  But also very intimidating.  The idea of doing a mini is just perfect.  I have a bargello book by Billie Lauder that has been sitting on my shelf for some time, so I pulled it out as a reference.  I'm doing mine with 6 fabrics.
My quilt will be small enough that I only had to cut 2 strips of each color, and 1 1/2 of each would have been fine.  I'm starting with 2" strips this time.  I've had the two black and white prints and the purple for a while--I got them a couple of years ago at my fav quilt shop in Buellton, CA while visiting my husband's grandmother.  I have really liked black and white quilts with an accent color lately, and decided to throw in gray this time too.  I used to hate gray.  Growing up, my sister loved gray and would talk about how beautiful it was.  I would make a face at it and move on with life.  I've changed my mind on that one too.  Some grays are still icky.  Like old heather gray t-shirts.  Not a fan of those.  But some grays are quite beautiful, especially when paired with a bright color. I'm glad I was able to find these at my local quilt shop yesterday.  I'm hoping now that I can get some time to get these strips sewn together today before the carriage upgrade arrives!

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