Monday, April 23, 2012

Superhero Baby Quilt

I have a quilt from my friend Amber waiting to be quilted, but I am getting a new quilting machine tomorrow (hopefully) so I decided to wait to get it started until that comes.  My new machine will sew faster, more regular stitches, and it has a larger throat space, allowing me to sew larger designs.  I'm really excited about it, and I'm sure I'll post more about it when it comes and I've gotten to use it a little.

In the mean time, Mr. Mills and I decided to start our next project, which is going to be a joint effort.  He designed it and chose the fabrics, and will be very involved in the process.  He is a superhero nut.  He has seven Green Lantern t-shirts.  Maybe eight.  And two Batman, one Superman, and two Flash.  And maybe Captain America.  He has a box with about 70 action figures.  Our three-year old daughter can name more of them than the average American.  I know more about superheroes than most women should... but I digress.  Kyle's cousin Ashley is having a baby in June.  Her husband Jason loves superheroes even more than Kyle does.  They are going all out decorating this little guy's room in superheroes, and it is adorable.  Really, I couldn't think of a better way to do it.  When I saw it several weeks ago I loved it.  And then I noticed the empty crib, and that settled it.  They must have a superhero quilt to go with this room.  I'll reveal details as they come, but this is what we got cut and up on the design wall tonight. 


Sky with a few buildings:

With all buildings:
 This is the top half of the quilt, and there will be several other elements appliqued to it later as well.  I'll be working on Amber's quilt as soon as my new machine comes, so this may sit on the design wall for a few days.

Here is a (fuzzy) picture of the back of the Genome Quilt.  I love the variegated thread. 

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