Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Search is Over

I've been searching for the best batting to supply to my customers for a while now.  I've looked at Hobbs Heirloom 80/20, mostly because that is what everyone seems to offer, and was leaning that direction.  I've decided to take another direction completely.  I discovered a local company that is gaining national recognition and has wonderful products.  It is Winline Textile products.  They have a variety of battings available, and they are all high quality, needle punched with a scrim, and last for a long time.  They have an absolutely wonderful drape, even when densely quilted.  However, because of how it is made, it doesn't need to be densely quilted and will stay put.  This is the batting for me.  I'm currently offering their 80/20 blend, but I can also get their bamboo batting, which is naturally antibacterial and wonderfully soft.

On a personal note, another reason this is a great find is because the company is just a few minutes from my home and I can go pick up what I need without having to pay for and wait for shipping.  They are absolutely wonderful to work with as well. 

They will be at HMQS in Salt Lake City next month.  Check them out if you are there!

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