Saturday, January 25, 2014

Quilting Services Special Pricing!

Now that we are settled in to having a fifth family member I am ready to take on more quilting. I am offering a special, first-come-first served offer right now for half off custom quilting to three customers. Normal pricing for light custom quilting starts at $0.02 per square inch, and more detailed custom quilting, including stitch in the ditch, dense ruler work, and dense fillers are $0.03 per square inch. For three quilts, I will do the same work for half the cost--either $0.01 or $0.015 depending on the detail you want. Custom quilting includes anything with specific attention to the piecing, rather than just quilting a complete overall design on the whole quilt.

See some examples below.
Light custom quilting--two borders done with rulers, and an allover design in the center. Normally $0.02 per square inch. (The blue lines were removed.)
 More light custom quilting can be seen here .

Medium Custom Quilting--this example has dense quilting but no ruler work or stitch in the ditch. May also include less dense designs with some ruler work. Normal price $0.025 per square inch.

Heavy Custom Quilting: Appliques outlined using rulers, dense fillers. Normally $0.03 per square inch.
More heavy custom quilting can be seen here.

If interested please shoot me an email at

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