Friday, January 24, 2014

Riley Blake Challenge--by the Mister!

So it seems my husband has been making more quilts than me lately--and for right now, that is true. We got the fabric for the Riley Blake Challenge in October, about two weeks before baby #3 was born, and I knew I didn't want to commit the time to do it. I showed Kyle the bundle, and he basically said, "Challenge accepted!" He designed and pieced the top. His original block design was a bit different, but he changed his mind at the last minute and flipped some pieces around and got this look instead.

 The fabrics we were given were, um, interesting. He decided to add purple and red-orange to match up colors into complementary pairs, and then the grays. I think his theory worked and he actually came up with a great idea. He used every inch of the fat eights we received--there were just thin trimmings left.

He told me that he wanted it quilted with giant pebbles, which led to calling them rocks. We had a good laugh about that one. =) It was fun to use my circle templates and make all of the circles. He wanted a lot of contrast in the sizes, which made it more fun to do. The print on the back worked really well with the circle quilting too--when we were going through my stash to choose a back, we both knew right away that it was the perfect choice.

It was fun to work on yet another project together, but it looks like he'll be taking a break from quilting for a little while. Maybe I can convince him to pull out the queen size quilt he hasn't worked on since our oldest was born.... =)

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  1. Rock on! I love the quilt and the rocks. What a fun name for the "giant pebbles"--I got a kick out of it.


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