Wednesday, January 22, 2014

3 Quilts for Danielle

I had the opportunity to quilt 3 more quilts for my friend Danielle before Christmas. I know we're 2/3 through January, but it's better to blog late than never, right?

The first two were commissions for a friend of hers.
(Sorry for the bad lighting on this first one.) This adorable owl quilt was first. I had so much fun customizing the quilting design a little. I put leaves in the "tree", swirls in the background, and woodgrain on the branch.

 The owl needed feathers, didn't she? Apparently I don't have details of the leaves or woodgrain quilting.

 The second quilt was super cute too. This one is for a little boy, so we decided to put this square spiral pantograph on it. I don't use a lot of pantos, but this one worked really well for this design.

The third one Danielle made was for her adorable little boy. I LOVE how she laid it out--I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the whole thing. She asked for straight lines echoing 1" on both sides of each seam. She brought me a puffy poly batting for this one, and I'm sure her son is loving to snuggle with this amazing quilt his mom made just for him.
I'll admit I was a little worried about how to do the straight lines continuously, but my engineer husband/consultant helped me figure out a quilting path that worked excellently.

These were the first quilts I worked on after the new baby was born. He has been a fantastic napper, and especially was the first few weeks. That has really helped a lot!

Thanks Danielle for letting me be a part of these beautiful quilts!

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  1. Those projects look great! Nice work. I really like the straight-line quilt and your customization on the owl quilt.


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