Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WiP: Removing Paper /How Should I Quilt This?

I haven't done much paper piecing in the past but chose to have members of my local Salt Lake MQG bee make paper-pieced x-strings blocks for me last year. There were six of us who participated so we each made two blocks each month, and it went for six months. I was just waiting on one more block so I could put this together. The block I was waiting on was... MINE! I only made one block when I made the instructions to hand out, and finally made the other one a couple of days ago. My month was April, so it has been a long time. It feels good to be making progress on this again!
I got all twelve blocks sewn together and now I'm removing the paper from the center blocks. I'm leaving it around the edges until I get a border on. Some of the people removed the paper, which stretched the edges a little bit. It was tricky to get the edges to match up in a few places as a result, but it turned out okay despite one or two small tucks.
 I am LOVING this. I'm really looking forward to getting it done.

I'm planning to add a narrow white border around the outside, then a super-wide border of this matching print around that. It will be about 18 inches wide. The large border will make it into a twin-size quilt. I'm adding the wide borders for a few reasons:
1. At 6'3" with a 6'7" husband, lap quilts only cover our laps. Small quilts don't cut it around here.
2. We need more spare twin-size quilts for the kids' beds in case of illness or whatever else might call for an emergency quilt.
3. I bought 5 yards of this print on a mega-good sale a year ago intending to use it as a backing, so I have plenty of fabric to do it.
I'm hoping that it "works" as a finished design.
 Now I'm debating how to quilt it? Should I custom quilt the blocks, or just do a quick allover design to get it done fast? I'm considering wavy lines, or possibly something geometric.

I'm also making a lot of progress on my niece's Christmas quilt. I know, it's February now, but it's getting there. I got all of the blocks sewn together along with sashing. I need to add one more border to the outside and then it's ready for quilting too. It was a bit windy outside when we tried to get a photo.
I also made two new pairs of pajama pants, so I've been really productive! It feels good to get so much done. I still don't have a lot of time, but I've been using more of the time that I have and feeling much better about things.

Linking up today to Work in Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.


  1. I'm no help on the quilting suggestions - but it looks great! My go-to is either loops or straight lines... But it'll be gorgeous whatever you decide on.

    I'm in awe of your productivity!!! I wish I could get half that much done

  2. I love the way your quilt is looking. I asked for very similar blocks in a bee I took part in but in pinks and purples - they have now been sitting for over a year... but I'm not sure on the quilting either - maybe echo quilting? Whatever you chose it's sure to look lovely.

  3. Stopping by from Freshly pieced linky party.. breath taking, gorgeous greys and greens..

  4. They say blue and green shall never be seen, but I completely disagree! This works wonderfully!

  5. Oh your niece's quilt is gorgeous!!! The x block quilt is so striking--I have that line of fabric and haven't used it for anything. I bought it on sale thinking my husband might like the colors. What does your husband think of it?

  6. That quilt looks awesome! I don't think you should do it quick to get it over with, though I know how tempting that can be. I also really like the green/white fabric you picked for the outer border, it will look lovely. I think you should do a geometric design, what about a running greek key motif?

  7. I absolutely love these two quilts and glad to know I'm in good company when it comes to trying to decide how to quilt a quilt. I'm returning your visit and added myself as a GFC follower. I hope ya stop by again and do the fun to follow one another. Val from


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