Monday, September 24, 2012

Some Quilting Finishes

Several weeks ago I was contacted by my friend Andrea from the Salt Lake MQG asking if I could do some quilting for her and two friends.  One was a rush for her friend Savannah, which I finished that weekend.  The others included a Civil War quilt that she did, another Civil War quilt by her friend Jamie, and a Charmed Stars quilt by Jamie.  She also gave me another quilt that will be donated to the burn unit at a local hospital, which I haven't done yet.

We got home from California last Monday, and I needed to deliver the quilts to Andrea on Thursday.  I'd already finished her Civil War quilt, but still had to do both of Jamie's.  I got them done in time, and they turned out great!

Here's Jamie's Civil War quilt:

She did a great job piecing it.  So pretty!  I love all the details and different blocks.

I did allover loopy quilting on this one.

Here's her Charmed Stars Quilt:
 This is a great super-scrappy quilt, and I LOVE this pattern.  So cute!  I thought allover points went well with the points of the stars.  She asked me to use clear thread, and it worked nicely!  I like that it really blends in with everything and doesn't stand out against the light or dark fabrics.

I put dark grey thread in the bobbin.  Monofilament on the top and in the bobbin don't tend to work so well together, and the grey blended in well with her backing fabric.

Isn't this pattern so cute?  I would really like to make a quilt like this sometime, even if it isn't scrappy, although I love the scrappy look too.

This one is Andrea's Civil War quilt.  She appliqued a large motif in the center, which I outlined closely with the quilting.  She told me she had "no quilting expectations," so I thought I'd do a little extra to do some practice in semi-custom quilting.

I did little loopy quilting in the large triangles surrounding the center motif, some stitch-in-the-ditch, orange peels, little feathers, and a couple of other designs.

This was a lot of fun to do, but took a long time!  I'm sure I'll get faster, but I was amazed at how much slower this was than just allover quilting, even though it wasn't very complicated.

I really like how the borders turned out.
Thanks, Andrea and Jamie for letting me quilt these beautiful quilts for you!

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  1. I love the colors used in Jamie's Civil War quilt. They're all very lovely. Nice job!


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