Custom Longarm Quilting Services

Welcome to the Quilting Mill!

Pricing is calculated by square inch.

Computerized Edge-to-edge Quilting is $.015 per square inch. Choose from a variety of digital patterns in my library or choose one that you like from any digital source and I will download it at no additional charge.

Freehand Edge-to-edge and Custom Quilting
Allover patterns range from $.015 to $.02 per square inch depending on density and complexity of the design.
Light custom quilting starts at $0.03 per square inch. Stitching in the ditch, ruler work, and dense custom designs are an additional $.01 each.

Thread:  I quilt with Omni thread by Superior Threads at no extra charge.  It is currently available in 172 colors.  Other threads by Superior including So Fine, Magnifico, and Fantastico are available at an additional charge of $0.75 per bobbin with a minimum charge of $5.00. There will be an additional charge for thread color changes.

Refer a friend for 10% off your next quilt! No limit.

Please make sure that your quilt back is 8" longer and wider than your quilt top  (4" all around) and as square as possible.  The extra fabric is needed for me to properly load it on my frame.  If it is the same size as the top I will not be able to quilt the entire space.  If you would like me to piece your back there will be an additional charge of $10 per seam. Back seams that require a design to be matched will be $15 each.

Batting: Please remember that your batting must be about 8" longer and wider than your quilt top.
Winline 100% Cotton:  This batting has an approximate loft of 1/8", very similar to Warm and Natural batting but without the tiny cotton seed bits in it.  This is a high quality needle-punched batting with a scrim.  It has an excellent drape and is very soft, yet very strong and will not beard even with washing. 
120" wide: $10/yard
96" wide: $8/yard
60" wide: $5/yard
48" wide: $4/yard
Winline Bamboo Batting: Naturally antibacterial, very soft, with an approximate loft of 1/8".  Very high quality, needle punched with a scrim with excellent drape and strength.  Will not beard.
120" wide: $16/yard
96" wide: $12/yard
Winline Loftier 8 oz batting: High quality polyester batting that is very soft.  Approximate loft of 3/8"-1/2".
96" wide: $4/yard
48" wide or less: $2/yard
You may also provide your own batting.

Binding service is also available.  Fabric will be supplied by the customer.
Double-fold cross-grain binding, prepared and sewn on, for you to hand-sew in place: $0.05 per linear inch
Double-fold cross-grain binding, top stitched by machine: $0.10 per linear inch
Double-fold cross-grain binding, hand stitched: $0.20 per linear inch
Double-fold bias binding, hand stitched: $0.25 per linear inch

Piecing is available at $25/hour.

For questions or to schedule an appointment, please email me at
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