Thursday, July 5, 2012

Work in Progress: Quilting the Superhero Quilt

I've finally finished the top of the Superhero Quilt!  My husband loves it, and it is his design, so he should.  The border is a Marvel licensed print, and has the actual words used in the comics for various action sounds.  Did you know that Wolverine's claws go "Sniktt" when they come out?  Or maybe it's when they retract.  One of those.  I didn't.

Here it is with the daytime facing up,
...and here's with the nighttime facing up.  I wasn't so sure about the reversible idea at first, but I really think it works!

Here's the part I'm most excited about: the invisible plane!!  I wobbled a little on my stitching in a few spots, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  I figured the larger picture is a little easier to see.

My husband really wanted me to add a hard light construct coming out of Green Lantern's ring, but my brain was tired, so I just did a spiral with green thread.

In the sky I'm quilting to look a little like clouds, and on the buildings I'm doing a meandering squares/robot type quilting.

This shows my take-up roller with the backing showing a little.  It's pretty funny.
I'm about 1/4 of the way done.  I was having issues with thread breakage, which for some reason usually  happens when I really should be spending time doing something else, so I stopped and did something else.  I'm hoping it goes better today.

I'm linking up to Work In Progress Wednesday, which was thankfully extended to Thursday because of the 4th yesterday.  I hope everyone here in the US had a wonderful, safe holiday with loved ones.  I know we did!


  1. Great quilt! What a great design too!! Love it!

  2. Love it Barbie!! It turned out so fun. So glad you did the plane. That's perfect!

  3. I love the invisible plane. Awesome.


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