Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Superhero Cityscape Quilt: Finished!

I am finally done with the Superhero Cityscape quilt!  I had several other deadlines while working on this one, so it had to be set aside for a while several times.  I'm so glad it's finished!  

Full view, daytime half:

Nighttime half:

I made a scrappy binding (my first) using brick fabrics.  This picture also shows another finish, which I'll be blogging about shortly.

We went to deliver it today to my husband's cousins.  Ashley said I could take some pictures of the new little guy's room, which, when it was in progress, was the ultimate inspiration for this quilt.  I saw how "super" cute it was, and then turned around a saw an empty crib.  It needed a superhero quilt.  It was really fun to see the room all done, as well as meet the new baby!  He is adorable and we are so happy for Ashley and Jason that he is here.

This is one window.  The other window has a similar banner with the baby's name on it.  Ashley made the curtains out of the same fabric we used for the Marvel characters on the quilt.

Tin signs and posters in the corner.  You can also see the clouds painted on the ceiling.

The bat signal/nighttime cityscape: (this was my original idea for the quilt, I think my husband improved on it)

Phone booth closet with baby-size cape hanging from the door knob.  I LOVE this part.  Ashley also modge-podged pages from old comics above the doors and windows.  It turned out great.  The pictures don't do it justice.
If you look in the bottom right corner of the above picture, you can see a little Wolverine figure sitting on top of some wooden blocks that spell "POW."  There are several other things in the room like this that I didn't get pictures of that are just adorable.

A no-longer-empty crib!  I've decided that this quilt is hard to drape without it looking upside down.  Oh well.

This is big sister's picture of Green Lantern hanging on the side of a cabinet.  I love it.
Isn't this such a cute nursery?  So creative, I love all the details.  Thanks to Ashley for letting me share some pictures.  It was great to deliver the quilt to them today.  I'm pretty sure they loved it!  Now to convince my husband we don't need a room just like it...


  1. Wow! That is an amazing nursery! Your quilt fits in perfectly.

  2. Fabulous! (I saw a guy in a Green Lantern T-shirt yesterday and thought of Kyle.)


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