Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Dance (the first of several this week, I'm sure!)

Serious strides were made today in arranging my studio.  My husband helped me move some big things, such as taking book cases into another room, and placing the new/antique industrial Singer in it's new, although unfortunate home.  He also hung my Dresden Reflections quilt on the wall.  I LOVE IT!  It's on the wall that you see when you walk into the room, and it just makes me happy.

There are still some things out of place, but it is really coming together.  On the left is our piano.  In order to get this room, part of the deal was keeping the piano in it.  I'm okay with that.  It's a handy place to keep my rulers in a little stand.  =) In the center is my new cutting table.  It's 36" x 36", just right for a large cutting mat (my mat actually hangs off the sides just a touch, but that's okay), and it's 42" high!  I have never liked cutting at a table until now.  Seriously, it's so lovely.  It makes me want 42" counters really badly.  I love things that are made for my height.  The table is a little pub table that I found at  Under the table lives the Singer.  It's sad that I can't use it where it is, but someday when we outgrow our house, it will have a better place to live.  I'm just grateful to have it.  My little sewing machine is on the right, along with my ALEX drawers from Ikea.  It's a little tight, but it works.

So the reason for the happy dance is that I got a call this evening saying that my new longarm will be delivered on THURSDAY.  I am so excited, I'm not sure how I'll sleep until then!  I'd ordered it just over four weeks ago, and the only update I'd heard was that they were really backed up.  I called this morning to get a ballpark estimate for delivery, and they told me they'd call me back.  I wasn't expecting it for another week or three, so this was very very good news.  The longarm will go in the middle of the room, parallel to the wall you can see in the picture, and I have cabinets lining the opposite wall.  It's so exciting to see the studio all come together.

In other news, I'm selling my current quilting system.  It's been a great machine, I just outgrew it much faster than I had expected.  If you're local and interested, let me know and we can arrange a time for you to come try it out.

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