Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meet Pavarotti

While we were visiting my husband's grandmother in California in September, she said that I could have her old Singer Featherweight sewing machine.  

 Grandma had several jobs in the sewing industry and was a wonderful seamstress.  I'm really excited to get to have this wonderful little machine, and to have a little piece of family history.  I haven't used it yet--it's been so long since it has been used that I want to get it serviced first.  My little guy thinks it's pretty cool too.

I do have a slight problem with it so far--the case STINKS.  It smells like it was the source of the musty smell in Grandma's house, and I'm afraid that my house is going to start smelling that way.  Well, it's already starting to.  It's especially bad when the case is open.
Any ideas on how to get rid of the smell?  It's pretty terrible.

Do you name your sewing machines?  I do.  My Viking that I've had since high school is Olga, and my quilting machine, a Brother 1500, is Darryl (as in "This is my brother Darryl").  When I asked my husband what I should name this machine, he said, "It's a Singer?  Pavarotti."  It was perfect.

Welcome to The Quilting Mill family, Pavarotti.  I hope you like it here.


  1. My featherweight case was trashed when I got my machine. They make reproduction ones that are in the $60 -80 dollar range.

  2. Try a box of baking soda inside...cute machine!

  3. I was thinking baking soda might work too...it probably won't hurt.

  4. What a clever name! How fun that you have a new toy! It's awesome that you'll be able to carry on your Grandma's legacy!

  5. Stuff it full of wadded up newspapers and close the lid. This was a remedy for old, smelly suitcases. Hope it works.

  6. Pavarotti is pretty! Sorry he stinks. :(

  7. Jeni from in color order has a tutorial for how to get smoke smell out of fabric. i imagine it would also work well for musty smells. never tried it though.

  8. for smellies i use soap - bars of soap.
    i would find a bar of soap i like the smell of, unwrap it and put it into the case, close the lid and put it away.

    two things, the smell goes away and the soap hardens; you can still use it later on...it just won't disintegrate so fast while using it.



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