Thursday, October 11, 2012

Billie's Quilts

One of the very first quilts I did for a customer was for my friend Amber, who lives in Arizona.  A few weeks after I sent her quilt back to her, I got an email from a neighbor of hers named Billie asking if I could quilt two of her quilts.  Billie has two daughters that live here in northern Utah, and would be coming to visit and could drop them off.  I was happy to say yes!  Now they are finally finished!

Her first one is called "Welcome to My Garden."  With all of these cute pieced flowers, it required some custom quilting.

Billie specifically said that she didn't want her quilts densely quilted, and that she preferred looser quilting.  It's really hard to tell in this picture because of the white thread on white, but I did the background as a meander with leaves in it.  It turned out very pretty!

Here are a few of the flowers:

This one was fun to quilt!

Her next one was called Bon Ami and is a BIG quilt (queen size).  This is the biggest quilt I've done so far, and it was actually too big for my little frame by about 2 inches.  Doh!  I hadn't measured it myself to see how big it was, so it was actually a little larger than she had thought.  (Sorry for the creases, this was folded for three days before I got a chance to photograph it.)
Luckily, Renae Allen was nice enough to let me come use her Innova longarm that is on a bigger frame than what I have.  I seriously cannot thank this woman enough, she is one of the kindest people I have EVER met, and that is saying something.  

Isn't this quilt beautiful?  I love the fun piecing and the calming colors.  So pretty.  I especially like the fussy-cut details, like this bird in the center square. 

I quilted it with allover flowers, and I love how it turned out.  This is definitely a pattern I will do again.

A sweet fussy-cut butterfly.

I just love the texture that quilting adds.  I'm really happy with how this quilt turned out, and I hope that Billie loves it too!

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  1. I really like the allover flower, too! And that bottom one is my favorite of the two. Love the colors and the patterns!


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