Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kimberly's "Eclipse" Quilt

It seems that each new quilt that comes through my studio becomes my favorite. I haven't been blogging much lately, especially about quilting that I have been doing for clients, but this one is definitely worth sharing. It's a stunner, and my new favorite.

Please excuse all of the phone photos.
This quilt is called "Eclipse." It was designed and pieced by Kimberly Bourne of Main Street Market Designs. The pattern is currently available as a preorder for $3 off what the regular price will be. It's paper pieced, and Kimberly's patterns are very detailed. 
 I immediately knew when I saw this quilt for the first time that it would be a perfect candidate for straight line geometric quilting within the triangles.
I took this photo at night. Mmm, texture. Most of the techniques I used on this quilt were inspired by Angela Walters' Dot-to-dot Quilting.

 I just love the rainbow of colors from the Alison Glass fabrics (Sunprints and Ex Libris).

 It was just so FUN to quilt this.
 As much as I love the front, the back is pretty great too.
 In the center I decided to quilt some curves, echoing the appearance of curves on the rest of the quilt.
 Seriously, I love the texture on the back.
You can preorder this amazing quilt pattern now here! Thank you Kimberly for letting me quilt it for you! This gorgeous quilt is hanging this weekend in the Andover Fabrics booth at International Quilt Market.


  1. That is so cool. I love what you did with the middle.

  2. I saw this quilt somewhere else (maybe instagram) and it's been in my dreams every since. Amazing pattern and the perfect combination of quilting. Well done!

  3. Hi can you buy the pattern for this quilt in Australia


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