Monday, July 22, 2013

Two King Size Quilting Finishes

I recently finished quilting two king-size quilts for Leigh.  These were the biggest quilts that I have done yet and they turned out really well.  I wouldn't have been able to do quilts nearly this large on my old machine, so I'm really glad I have the new one!  She wanted allover patterns on both quilts.  The second is my favorite of the two.

Her first quilt was a simple patchwork design, but made with large squares.  They finished at 9.5", so this could have been a layer cake pattern.  The colors she chose are very soothing.
  Leigh's Quilt #1

On this quilt I decided to do an allover swirl pattern.  Some of the fabrics had very round elements, and I wanted to kind of echo that.

Leigh's Quilt #1 close-up

She pieced a cute bright green stripe down the center of the back.
Leigh's quilt #1 with back

The second quilt was all half square triangles.  I didn't measure them, but they are around 6" finished.  They were arranged in 9-patches, and each 9-patch makes a star with various color placements. 
Leigh's Quilt #2

One of the fabrics had paisley in it, so I quilted this paisley-ish design that I LOVE.  I learned it recently from my friend Kayli.  It is supposed to be done fairly small (I think) but I thought it would have a great visual effect if I did it larger.  There are a few smaller ones in there to fill spaces, but the larger ones range from 8-12 inches long.  I absolutely love the motion that this pattern provides, it seemed like a really nice contrast to the angular piecing pattern while echoing the paisley in the fabric.
Leigh's Quilt #2 detail

The back of the quilt had a stripe down the center as well, this time in three different colors.
Leigh's Quilt #2, Back

I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite quilting pattern, I will definitely be using it again.
Leigh's quilt #2, back detail

Thanks, Leigh for sending me your quilts!


  1. The design did turn out good, you did a great job! I love to see what you are doing with your new machine, I hope I can share your joy soon!

    1. Thanks for teaching it to me, Kayli! So I just realized that I completely forgot to add a link to your page. Sorry about that! I fixed it, so it's there now.
      I hope you get your new machine soon too!


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