Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I've been up to... HMQS 2013 and More

There's been a lot going on around here.  My latest project is at the end, so be sure to take a look!

Our camera decided that it liked to eat batteries so we had to get a new one.  The pics of my finished "Las Mariposas" quilt for the HMQS Riley Blake Designs challenge are on that camera, and I'll probably get them off sometime.  Probably.  Here it is at the auction at HMQS where it sold for $200 in support of Bridge of Love, an organization that helps place kids into foster care in Romania.

I had a couple other quilts hanging in the show as well.  Here I am with the kiddos in front of my Dresden Wave quilt.

Dresden Reflections.  It was fun to enter, and definitely a learning experience.  I learned a lot about show quilts and I may not actually enter again for several years, we'll see.  I may just stick with the county/state fairs for a while.

The Salt Lake MQG did a special display this year, which had most of the quilts my husband and I liked best.  We loved this one by Emily Herrick

One of my favorites by Brooke.  The hubs kept saying how much planning this must have taken.  Isn't it gorgeous?

I love the effect that Tanya got with strip piecing on this one. 

Brooke's Color Cog mini using the EZ Dresden ruler.  Another fav. 

Jenny made this and won the EZ Dresden Challenge.  Her design is just fantastic.  She's moving back to Australia soon and I will miss her so much.

This one is by Marci.  My husband really liked her uneven borders.

 I was lucky enough to take seven classes this year, yes, SEVEN.  I'm still on a little but of information overload, but I figured now is the best time to take classes, when I need it the most.  I definitely learned a lot and got some good ideas about how to improve my quilting. 

And now for the latest project--I was contacted by Laurie Dewberry recently asking if I could do some quilting for them.  This is Joel Dewberry's newest line, Bungalow, due out in September.  This quilt was HAND appliqued and pieced by Leigh.  She did a fantastic job.   I started quilting it by outlining the appliques. 
 I used 3 different size circle templates to help me stay in the right spot.  Outlining is hard.

In the petals I quilted a swirly outline/echo design that reminds me of half of an onion.  I did pebbling in the background.

Isn't this a gorgeous quilt?  I love the fabrics together, and the colors.  The curves in the design are just lovely as well.

I absolutely love how it turned out.  It was fun to participate in making this quilt.

 I'm planning a quick post in the next day or so for Blogger's Quilt Festival, so you'll hear from me again soon. =)


  1. Beautiful quilts! Congrats on the auction, too. :) You need to update again! ;) Yes, people are watching you. And yes, you are super busy. LoL Your quilts are amazing, Barbie!


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